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                    Our children are facing a mental health crisis. We're determined to make sure every young person gets the support they deserve.?

                    Teenage Girl Banner

                    So many young people are struggling. We need to help them before they reach crisis point.

                    Our children are facing a mental health crisis and many of them aren't getting the support they need. We're determined to change this.

                    Your Christmas gift could help us expand our work in schools, supporting teachers, parents and students to look after their mental health, and helping young people get support before they reach crisis point.

                    This Christmas, will you help us be there for young people?


                    Make a donation today

                    Don't know where to start? Start here.

                    We can help you make choices about treatment, understand your rights or reach out to sources of support.

                    Can you support us?

                    Your stories

                    Read, watch or listen to everyday stories about how people are living with mental health problems.

                    Why I’m getting on my bike for Mind

                    Posted on 22/11/2019 by Wyatt

                    Wyatt blogs about why he’s cycling for Mind – and to encourage people not to suffer alone.

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                    Sut mae presgripsiynu cymdeithasol wedi fy helpu gyda fy ngorbryder

                    Posted on 18/11/2019

                    Roedd Diana o Bowys yn dioddef o orbryder, ond mae ein prosiect presgripsiynu cymdeithasol wedi helpu.

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                    Latest news and comment from Mind
                    Mind responds to the Plaid Cymru manifesto

                    Posted on 22/11/2019

                    Mind responds to the Labour Party's manifesto

                    Posted on 21/11/2019

                    Mind responds to the Liberal Democrat manifesto

                    Posted on 20/11/2019

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                    Let's get together!

                    We couldn't exist without your support. Look at what you could do...

                    • A regular gift gives more

                      Just £3 a month helps us to plan ahead and continue to give support for years to come.

                      > Start your gift today

                    • Can you give a gift in your will?

                      A gift in your will– however big or small– helps makes sure no one has to cope alone.

                      > Find out how your gift helps

                    • Take part in RED January 2020

                      Mind is proud to be continuing our exclusive partnership with RED January. Whether you run, walk, swim or cycle - get active every day, your way, this January to support your mental health and choose to fundraise for Mind at the same time.

                      > Register for free today

                    Choose your way to fundraise to help us provide?support and respect?to more people with mental health problems.

                    Mental Health A-Z

                    Information and advice on a huge range of mental health topics

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                    Helping you to better understand and support people with mental health problems

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                    Check out our promotional offers on print and digital booklets, for a limited time only

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